Product Review: Body Helix Ultra-Light Face Mask

Our best friends went on a walk in a park with us! It was a beautiful day and a little crowded, so kept our masks on in case we couldn’t stay 6 feet away from other groups.

Disclaimer: I received a Body Helix Ultra Light Face Mask to review as part of being a Bibrave Pro. Learn more about becoming a Bibrave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews.

Although in some ways I’m living my dream by getting to wear fitness clothes all day every day, the pandemic world is a very strange place! I thought I’d be okay with one face mask since we weren’t going out much, but I quickly found that wasn’t feasible. With the balmy summer days in North Carolina, I was in search of a really breathable mask. If you’d told me this time last year that I’d be looking for both cute masks and athletic masks, I would’ve laughed in your face. Now I won’t get close to your face (because I love you). But this will be here a while, so let’s all find a way to be comfortable while being safe.

Why Body Helix?

  1. Optional nasal bridge wire strip controls air leakage and glasses fog AKA THE BEST! I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WAYS TO MINIMIZE THE DREADED GLASSES FOG!
  2. Flexible, closed-cell fabric prevents transmission of water, viruses, and germs
  3. Disposable filters reduce risk of transmission while maintaining breathability 
  4. Large over-the-ear strap design reduces ear discomfort during long-term wear
  5. Ultra-light, 0.5 mm ultra-thin fabric ideal for hot temperatures
  6. Unique non-slip fabric fits snugly to help reduce need for adjustments and minimizes contact between hands and face

For more details, check out their product details:

What Do I Think?

This mask is definitely the most lightweight one I own but with NO skimping on safety! The filters are easy to put in and take off, making cleaning super easy. The ear straps are snug and comfortable so you can wear it for as long as you need to. I always grab this mask when I am out for a longer period of time for peace of mind and comfort!

My coworker told me I look like Hannibal Lecter in this mask, but I reminded him that he’d way rather have some Chianti and fava beans with me ;-). Plus, I think I look pretty cute in my mask! The blue really brings out my eyes.

How Do You Get Your Own??

Visit and grab yours. Use code BR15 to get 15% off your order of $40 or more!

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